What we can learn from Hamburger U

When you look for companies that have gained global recognition for quality, service and value, one of the first names on that list has to be McDonald’s.

Aside from a great quality product that is loved around the world as a symbol of freedom and self-empowerment, McDonald’s is renowned as one of the best talent developers of people around. Its people totally buy into the core values and in term, the company repays that trust by equipping them with the skills they need to run successful, multi-million dollar restaurants around the world.

How do they do that?

I paid a visit recently to see what I could learn at the McDonald’s Hamburger University in Oak Brook, Illinois. They are all over empowering every person to understand and maximize their impact. Here are just some of the ideas that I found:

  • Competency and loyalty cards

  • Team bonding

  • Combining personal growth with talent management objectives

I was humbled, excited and stimulated to see how they put these ideas over to their people. Wouldn’t it be great if we could take that can-do, entrepreneurial attitude and transplant it into the decaying, demotivated public service sphere?


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